Lash-Lift Eyelash Perming by StudioLASH

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StudioLASH® Semi Permanent Mascara

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Fibre-Lash Mascara by StudioLASH®

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The revolution in Eyelash Perming has arrived... Forget sticky, messy perming rods - Throw out the Eyelash Curlers!

Therapists already experienced in Eyelash Perming will find the Lash Lift treatment very easy to learn… StudioLASH-LIFT is available exclusively to Qualified Beauty Therapists and cannot be purchased for home-use.   Qualified Beauty Professional but not experienced in Eyelash Perming? We can help with Comprehensive Training from our team of Experienced, Qualified Trainers Australia-wide.


Find out more about the StudioLASH® Product Range:

Lash-Lift Perming

The future of Eyelash Perming is here. Silicon Pads lift lashes right from the root creating the illusion of lash lengthening. Therapists already experienced in Eyelash Perming will find this treatment very easy to learn.

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Semi-Permanent Mascara

Applied similar to traditional Mascara, StudioLASH® Semi Permanent Mascara is a revolutionary lash coating specially formulated to last 3 weeks often more. Smudge resistant & 100% waterproof.


Fibre-Lash Mascara

Created from all natural, High-Grade Bee’s Wax & Carnauba Wax.  This 2-part Mascara will first thicken and then lengthen your own natural lashes for a look similar to Eyelash ‘Extensions’.


Rapid-Lash Extensions

Imagine a full set of Eyelash Extensions in half the time it normally takes! Rapid-Lash by StudioLASH is an innovative technique using the latest developments new Flexi-Glue Technology.